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For Event Manager

SoundCheckBOX is your new assistant. It shows what the guys of the band and the rentmen have agreed on, offers rent variants, displays credibility of a rental company and reviews its work at an event.
• Managing a festival, a new celebrity’s tour, a corporate or a private happening?
SCB will provide you with all necessary equipment. Choose the best fits, watch the process of agreement, pay the cheque, deliver the show! SoundCheckBOX is to help you earn as much as possible!

For Rent Company

SoundCheckBOX is your new teetotal manager working through the holidays. Getting the rider you immediately see if your gear fits the band’s demand. You don’t have to compare charts and try to look up what you need in an endless novel surprisingly called «a rider». An incoming rider is immediately calculated according to your prices. The offer is created automatically — you only need to confirm the availability schedule of the storage you work with.
• Short of any gear?
SoundCheckBOX will direct you where to rent!
• A big storage? a large company? Your own software? We bring your soft together with our system.

For Soundman

We came up with SoundCheckBOX to make a life easier: create a rider using a proven set-up.
• Very specific musicians?
No problem, save the gear you need into your own presets to use them later.
• Too many bands or shake-ups within them?
SoundCheckBOX will help you book what YOU need for every show.
• Tired of doping out all those stumbling-blocks in gear replacement lists?
SCB offers you best fits out of the most suitable packages by rent companies!
We help you not to bother with charts and word processors — you’d better spend time with family and friends!
Placing and adjusting a rider with SoundCheckBOX is simple and easy!

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